7.5 month old...is it a bug?

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Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:33 pm 
Post subject: 7.5 month old...is it a bug?
Hey ladies. Not been on here in ages but just wondering if the symptoms my son has are familiar to a bug going around. He is on solid foods and I am currently giving him a mix of stage two foods and finger foods, along with juice and his forumula which he has between 15 and 20oz a day, and has been doing great with it all.
On Sunday morning I started giving him his lunch and he vomitted quite badly. Literally after four spoonfulls! He then got all tired and slept, and continued to do so on and off all day. Didnt really want any milk either. He vomitted again at about 3pm after some milk. I went onto give him more milk and a fruit pot which he kept down and really enjoyed at tea time, but whilst having his bedtime milk he vomitted again. He slept the night like he normally does, woke up yesterday and had his morning milk, ate his brekkie fine, but when I tried to give him his lunch (lumpy food) he gagged and kept turning away so I stopped trying and gave him so pureed fruit. He didnt vomit at all yesterday, but did have really nasty runny nappies, very yellow which is unusual now as he is on solids. He was fine again this morning, but just tried him again with lumpy food for lunch thinking he was back to normal, he gagged and vomited. I am worried either he has a bug (if so, is that normaly to have it on and off like that?) or he is associating the lumps with being sick the other day. we had a nightmare with our daughter, she never ate lumpy foods after she became badly ill in the middle of weaning her and as a result is a nightmare eater. I dont want to push him until he is better but I dont want to leave it too long to try him again with lumpy food. Any advice? Feel a bit stuck! I am thinking I will just try and give him milk for a couple of days until he shows signs he wants more, or do I keep trying him with his normal food??

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