Breastfeeding attempt 4 after 3 fails :(

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Posted: Tue May 07, 2013 11:30 pm 
Post subject: Breastfeeding attempt 4 after 3 fails :(
I'm currently 21+5 with baby number 4. I've tried breastfeeding each time and each time I've failed. My first was a premmie at 5 weeks and wasn't strong enough to latch (even to a bottle teat and was tube fed for 1 week 4 days) I expressed for the best part of 6 months but it was very stressful and a strain at times. If I wasn't feeding I was expressing and vice versa. With my second I successfully fed for 2 weeks, expressed for a further 2 1/2 months but the demands of expressing/feeding and looking after a toddler meant I couldn't carry on :'(. Baby number 3 was 6lb2.5oz and had a very small mouth, she had difficulty opening it wide enough to fit enough areola in and my one flat one inverted nipples didn't help. I persevered for 2 weeks and tried everything I could think of, even nipple shields but in the end it just wasn't happening and I had to give up again Sad . I'm begging for help, the bf 'helpers' in my area have been rubbish. I've asked for help each time and each time nothing has been done until it was too late and I couldn't take it any longer, I really want to breastfeed my baby!
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Posted: Wed May 08, 2013 8:59 pm 
Post subject:
I had this with my daughter - she was 6lb 4oz and very petite. She had a poor suck reflex and couldnt work out how to latch, I had flat nipples and we simply couldnt manage it, no matter how many people tried to help. I feel lucky that they showed me how to express and keep my flow up so Frankie could grow and we could keep trying!

Firstly WOW for expressing for 6 months - I did it for 5 weeks before my daughter latched and it was exhausting (and physically and emotionally), I didnt have a cut off point in my head but I'm not sure how long I could have done. Its also nice to hear that you have kept trying to BF - a lot of people would have been put off!

I'm no expert but what I found most useful was expressing itself as it seems to have given me much more 'sticky out' nipples in the first place (I'm not sure you're encouraged to do that while you're pregnant though. I did spot a gadget to draw the nipple out before you give birth - but by that point I had already had my daughter. I also found the position they tell you at the classes impossible and instead I hold my daughter in the crook of my arm on the side I'm feeding on. I found nipple shield an excellent step from bottle to BF but I'd make sure its a good quality one (I used the medela ones) and I also found using a lasinoh latch assist helped pull my nipple into the shield and suck out the air (Frankie got really bad wind)

I hope this helps

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