7 month old feeding issues

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Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:51 pm 
Post subject: 7 month old feeding issues
My baby has a milk allergy and can't have normal store-bought formula. We've been to the doctor about it and they've prescribed various different lactose free formula, all of which he's refused because to be honest, they don't smell very pleasant.
He's taken to solids really well and now has breakfast, lunch and dinner with only a morning and evening breastfeed which was working great for both of us. He's having soya milk with cereal, although I know people will tell me that's totally evil or whatever, but that's literally all I can do because I can't express enough. Plus he completely refuses milk from a bottle or cup, even breast milk.
The thing is now he's refusing breastfeeding too. I've read about nursing strikes and to be honest i don't think that's the problem. He just seems to prefer spoon feeding. As you can imagine this is really stressing me out because as an essentially vegan baby, he's not getting enough calcium as it is. Any advice would be appreciated.
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