Can't get 2.5 yr old to sleep in own bed!

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Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:39 pm 
Post subject: Can't get 2.5 yr old to sleep in own bed!
(Also posted in getting baby to sleep forum as unsure which one was best, sorry!)


Like the title says, I absolutely cannot get my little boy (he is 2 and a half) to sleep in his own bed. It is my fault, I know this. He didn't swap over to a cot until he was 2 years old and when he did he wouldn't stay in bed when I put him in, I had to wait until he fell asleep and then put him in. But even then, he would wake up and cry at his door until I put him in mine. So after lots of very late nights and lots of disturbed sleep, I gave up and just allowed him to sleep in my bed with me (has been for nearly 6 months now). He still will not go to sleep until very late, it is a habit he has got into. I suffer with depression (I am on medication) so it has been easier for me to just allow him to sleep with me than get myself stressed (there were lots of tears from both him and me) trying to get him to sleep in his own. But now I know he really needs to start sleeping in his own bed. I am getting exhausted, I'm a single stay at home mum and I feel like I don't get a minute to myself. I have to go to bed when he does and I am just getting nothing done! Has anybody experienced this and got some advice for me as what worked for you? Please, I don't know what I can do! xx
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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:47 am 
Post subject:
Hi mom

My son who is now soon to be 17 years, slept with me in my double bed until he was 6 years old, and he also had a bed of his own. i was also divorced from his dad, but i made the most of the situation. I put a tv in the room, got into bed with him and would let him watch cartoons until he fell asleep. Most nights, i dozed off and would wake to find him sleeping. i know its not the best thing, but it worked for us.
The same happened when i had my first daughter, she got into our bed and watched tv until she fell asleep and then we carried her off to her bed. she is almost 8 years and we still doing the same thing.
My now 2 year old, goes to bed sometimes 11pm. she falls asleep on the lounge couch with my husband watching her, and when she is fast asleep we put her into our bed.
i want to put her in her own bed, but she is still breastfeeding (which is another story altogether), so we not getting a good nights rest either. Both hubby and myself take bioplus during the day to keep our eyes from closing. BUT we are blessed, healthy and the kids are happy.
They do grow up and move on, so i would just take one day at a time.
if your son loves being in your bed so be it. And by the way, my hubby and i find all sorts of other options to be intimate, because our bed is always occupied with kids.ahahaha but we enjoy the adventure.
God blessxxx
My two angels who are in heaven
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