Am i pregnant after using norlevo

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:55 am 
Post subject: Am i pregnant after using norlevo
Hi, I had taken norlevo on the 9th of March within 20mins of unprotected sex. A few days I spotted for a day. I went to my gynae on the 2nd of April as I was worried that i did not have my period. The gynae did a pregnancy test which was negative, he said that I should of had a period within 2 weeks of taking the norlevo and then did a scan. He picked up a cyst which is 10cm in diameter and said that it is blocking his view of the womb but that the cyst is caused by norlevo. He then said that if I don't get my period in two weeks, that I should repeat the test. I was anxious so I did a test yesterday around mid day which came back negative. For the past two weeks I have been suffering from cramps and nausea, is this caused by the cyst? Is pregnancy ruled out as it has going on the 5th week since the 9th. Please help!?
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