poorly baby :(

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Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:36 pm 
Post subject: poorly baby :(
I never seem to post on here much, and when I do its my life story :') so here goes ...
Grace's dad hasn't bothered to come see her, he still tries talking to me, and it ends up in an argument every time about him not being a dad to her. Just really can't be bothered with him tbh! Been with my boyfriend about 5months, I don't let him and Grace spend too much time together, he feels its because I don't think he's good enough for her, its not that, its just I don't want her getting attached incase we don't last. I don't want men coming in and out of her life. They've met a few times, usually as I'm putting her to bed and he comes to my flat, so they don't spend time together. We've been out a few times to the park and just going on walks, but its not just me, him and Grace, a few of my friends come along too:) they've only spent one on one time with eachother when we were going out for a meal the friday after valentines day, my cousin came over to watch Grace, and I was late getting ready, so when he turned up, I was still in my dressing gown without makeup! When I was ready, I came into the lounge and he was sitting on the floor with Grace playing ponies, bless him :') I think he enjoyed playing with the ponies more than she did! So anyway, things are going ok with that. I'm not ready to introduce him into her life properly right now, I don't know whether its the right thing to do, but it feels right to me atm:)
Little girl is poorly! Sad very figity and got a fever, won't stop being miss grumpy pants but can't blame he really. Very sleepy all day, doesn't play with her toys, so she's getting lots of snuggles from mummy:D she's startin to get little heat rashes on her back and tummy, so off to the doctors tomorrow! Hope everyone is ok! Would be nice to hear from you all again:)

All our love sarah and gracie Smile
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