17 month old CIO? Help please

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Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:17 pm 
Post subject: 17 month old CIO? Help please
We have never really had sleeping problems ... We do a not
Al bath,bottle, bed routine my husband takes about 5 mins gettin her to sleep but it has always taken me min 30 mins..this last week or so she has just got worse and worse! Taking well over an hour to go down and crying everytime she nods off. So tonight I was trying to get her to sleep...my
Phone rang and vibrated really loud so answered it wuinly
And my lo grabbed the baby monitor and hit me that hard with it she has actualy
Bust my lip open! So I put her in her cot and went to sort my lip out...as you can imagine I was quite annoyed so sat with a cold towel on my face ... While she was screaming ... 10 mins later I went in give her her dolly she sleeps
With and her funny lay her down and walked out... 3 mins later ses fast asleep!!! Never thought CIO worked but this is technically the fastest she has ever gone down for me... So should I stick at it? I know it sounds harsh but we was in such a good routine and now I feel like she knows she can get away with messing about a bed time and I need her to know I'm boss! X
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