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Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:24 pm 
Post subject: Depression
I suffer with depression, have been on meds for about 8 months now.

At the beginning of the year I had a run in with my nasty neighbour, she was pointing to my son outside and telling her LO (who is 4. mine is 5) if he goes near him then she'll kick [*CENSORED*] out of him Shocked So of course I said something, asked her what the problem is and if she doesnt like us then just dont speak, but dont go threatening my 5YO. things got nasty and on 2 occasions I had to call the police on blue lights Crying or Very sad
One of the times I was stood outisde holding my 11month old when she called a car full of her brothers and they blocked me from my house and I couldnt get in adn they were shouting and swearing at me, threatening me....

Anyway things have calmed down now and touch wood shes stopped (probably because our housing officer has said she will be evicted if she does something else )
This happened in january, and I feel anxious all the time, im worried about summer because Im going to have to face her in the street when the kids are all out playing.

Also me and OH havent been getting along lately, He is trying to set up a business and its going well.... the thing is he has no time for us ever... and keeps spending money on new tools etc when we are already in lots of debt (his reason is its for the business ) and ive said wait until most of the debts been paid off and then buy tools, rather than keep spending the ONLY spare money we have coming in!!
He owes his mum money too!!
Im trying to juggle the house and work and kids, worrying about debts, him getting more tools etc and more debt and not listening to me.... We keep argueing.
He also comments alot on what hasnt been done in the house. ''Oh why isnt there any spoons ''. '' oh the bathromms filthy''. this stressed me out!!! And I tell him who the hell do you think you are!! Mad
He just does not get how hard I work, he seems to think I am just lazy and do nothing.

Oh and the other day he upset me because he was banging on about a new car he wants, and I said to him I want us to go on holiday as a family.... he said ''a car is more important than a holiday!!! Shocked Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad '' What a D. I. C. K !!!
the thing that really upsets me too is he is so lovely with everybody else, but with us he isnt always so lovely Sad And its like we are at the bottom of his priority list Crying or Very sad But if I try talk to him he just brushes it off and says im being silly, and that he spends alot of time out the house for us so we have a good future.

For the last 8 weeks all we have had in our household is illness after illness... ear infections, sick bugs. ive had time off work that I cannot afford to have had.....

I am really feeling like Im not coping with life at all at the moment and OH doesnt understand and is making it worse Crying or Very sad Sad
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Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:01 pm 
Post subject:
Aww sorry you are having some problems. Men always take things out on their families unfortunately. I don't have any advise as such but do you have a counsellor for the depression? I ask because the meds on there own are not as effective as coupled with some counselling. It's good to be able to talk to someone who will listen. Why not ask your doctor.

It sounds like you are having a tough time with the neighbours which would cause anyone anxiety too. Stay strong and positive!

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