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Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:54 pm 
Post subject: question regarding TTC
I am looking for more info on where to go next in our mission to try and conceive another child. I stopped BC back in July 2012 my husband and I have been trying since without success. My doctor ran some blood tests on hormones like the FSH and LH. He prescribed clomid and march was my first time taking it. I am on 22 and I have been charting my temps. I was looking at my graph today and noticed that I haven't had a real big temp shift. My temps were actually higher when I was taking the drug. I had a small shift yesterday but today it dropped a little bit. I was told to wait until day 35 to test and if I still don't have a period and neg test I need to go back into the doctor to get meds to bring on the period. I am wondering if maybe my hormone progesterone is low? Also on clomid I heard the it can change your CM I didn't really notice the egg white stuff but was very wet and watery last week? Was I fertile? I plan on calling my doctor tomorrow and see what he thinks. I just want answers so we can finally get pregnant
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