inner crazy broody lady taking over!!!

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Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:24 am 
Post subject: inner crazy broody lady taking over!!!
Hi ladies,
So, iv been doing ok at keeping the inner crazy broody lady under wraps....until now!
Iv been quite rational until now, the usual thing..we cant have a baby because imonly on a temp contract in my job, Im loving Ollie at the age hes at and like that we can sfford to spoil him.
But the other part of me is getting a bit twitchy now. I never wanted a big age gap between babies, Other people manage having no job at all, are we spoiling Ollie to much as hes an only child at the mo!!!!

Sorry for the moaning, my hubby wont entertain the idea at the moment and i was just wondering if other ladies feel in similar dilemmas???xx
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Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:31 am 
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Definitely the 2yr mark always seemed to trigger it in me Smile , I think some of it is they become so much more independent around then , they're not your little baby any more , it must be hard if you're feeling like you want to go for it and your OH isn't ready , maybe sit down and go over all the finances and see if things would be much worse money wise with another, sometimes when you take child care costs out of the picture there's not much difference in income overall, or write a pro's and con's list for trying now versus waiting longer Question
Not forgetting that sometimes it can take a while as well so even trying now might only mean having another baby in 18 months to 2yrs time Question
There's generally good and bad points to both , maybe if your OH see's you've really thought it through and still want to try now he might warm up to the idea xx
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