So frustrating, I need answers..

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Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:48 pm 
Post subject: So frustrating, I need answers..
Ive been stressed my whole life and never missed a period, although I have irregular periods I never miss a whole month. The month is almost over and still no period.. My last period was March 15-20th. This month I have yet to ovulate and my cervix has felt different and softer than usual but then again I have never checked it before, just going by what google has said to feel for. I have had minor minor symptoms, I eat a lot but I always eat, I have headaches but typically I always have headaches, Ive been taking more naps lately but thats just because opportunity was given and even before now I like to sleep. Ive had back, shoulder, and neck pain but that could be related to how I sleep. Today was the first real lower back soreness but it wasnt bad, and I have scoliosis so that could have also been the reason. The only real thing I could relate to being pregnant is my mucus/watery discharge, its been more excessive and my boobs have been sore and tingly but nothing for more than 5-10 minutes at a time that I have noticed. I am now 11 days past period and I took a test two days ago and got a negative, any suggestion or opinions on if I could be pregnant? I have an appt today for blood work, but I am anxious as to what others think, I pray that I am! I used to only urinate 1-2 times daily, I am urinating three-four times now and I have been having more baul movements than usual. Also, I was with my fiance yesterday as he was cleaning fish and usually the sight or smell doesnt bother me but I felt a little faint and nauseous like I had on the boat the previous day when I usually dont.. They say to chart your temp and mine usually runs between 96.5-97.5 and yesterday when I took it, it was 98.8.
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Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:29 pm 
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you have all the symptoms of being pregnant. It can happen that a pregnancy tester does not work for you and you would need to have bloods taken.
i really hope things work out for you.
God blessxx
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