newborn wont sleep at night

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Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:35 am 
Post subject: newborn wont sleep at night
ok i am totally hanging! lil man.just does not do sleeping at night! oh looked after him until 5 (i didnt go to sleep until 2( and he has been.pretty much awake every since. its now 11.30am. he willl go in his rocking chair for about half hour but then starts crying. i have tried dummies and soothing him (trying to avoid picking him up everytime as i dont him to get to used to being on someone 24/7). when i do pick him up he will sleep on me but only when i am sat yp.

i am already sleeping downstairs because he wont settle at all upstairs. i really dont know what to do. we are travelling home for xmas today and i am dreading being in someone elses house and being even more tired because xmas day and boxing day is going to be manic.

he normally allows me to put him down after his 8am feed which is when i sleeo but he wont even go down then.

he has been pooing a lot so has nappy rash - could he be upset about that and therefore seeking comfort?

getting kind of desperate now!! any tips? i have tried putting something with him.with my smell and the hot water bottle. dimming the lights leaving the tv on!

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Posted: Wed May 08, 2013 1:32 pm 
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hi Elp, how is it going with the little one now. i remember when you were still pregnant and couldnt wait for baby..time flies.
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