just wandering would this help

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Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:43 pm 
Post subject: just wandering would this help
thought this might help some first time mums or mums like me that forgot =P

as we all know finger foods can be a right pain as we have no idea what our LO's can eat or not eat so i have a list that was given to me and here are some foods for thought

manderin / rice crackers / pears / craisins / cheese / crackers
kiwifruit / fish-fingers / peach-slices / sandwich-shapes / pasta(cooked)
bread sticks / green-grapes(seedless) / dried-apricots / grated-cheese
raisins / broccoli / little-sandwiches / red-graoes(seedless) / celery
apple / mousetrapes(no idea what they are sorry)/ avocado / banana
cucumber / friut-biscuits / carrots / cheese-slices / nectarine
frozen peas / pinapple-rings / prunes / orange-slices(no pips)
processed cheese / luncheon-sausage / rice biscuits

hope this helps some people xx

please reply if this would help you out and if you have more to add (for younger or older babie's/toddler's
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