still TTC baby number 3!

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 5:11 pm 
Post subject: still TTC baby number 3!
Hello everyone, My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since Sept of last year. I stopped the birth control patch in july 2012 and it took a little while to get my period back. I did experience some long cycles which got to be as long as 42, 43 days. The shortest cycle I have had was 32 which was my pre birth control average. I was prescribed clomid back in march cause after looking at my hormone levels via blood word they were all normal but my doctor thought I was experiencing some anovulatory cycles (irregular ovulation). I did get a positive opk on day 18 and then had the temp spike which lasted about 14 days (my normal luteal phase) and then temps dropped dramitically and to my disapointment my period came. I went back in to the doctor and I showed him my fertility chart and graph, talked about everything I noticed and he said I am showing obvious signs on normal ovulation again, the patch must have just really got my body out of wack. My doctor performed an HSG test and my uterus looks normal, tubes are normal and clear as the contrast ran right out! He also said that sometimes having this test done it helps get you get pregnant cause it really open up the tubes and gives them a good flush to clean out. I just finished my last pill of clomid this cycle. Now to begin opk testing on monday and go from there. continuing with the bbt charting also. Any info, tips and advice appreciated. Dreaming of baby dust and finally a BABY!
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Posted: Sat May 04, 2013 3:44 pm 
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Hi there, we have been ttc no.2 since nov2011 and haven't had any luck despite falling pg quickly with our dd. have had some tests SA for DH and bloods, ultrasound for me all show no problems so I guess sometimes it just doesn't happen like you want it to! I haven't given up hope and I try to regularly remind myself that whatever happens I will still be a mummy and I am so blessed for that even though it hurts so much to think we might never have another baby so I know how u are feeling. I also think that the emotions surrounding secondary infertility are not understood by those around us which also makes it hard! So I guess the only tip I have for you is to try and relax about it a bit and focus living life to the fullest with your other 2 children. You can still do all your OPK's etc. just try not to let it consume your every thought. It may be that it will just take a bit longer for you this time but will happen eventually. Good luck and sending you baby dust xxx
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Posted: Sat May 04, 2013 5:13 pm 
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MrsZargon wrote:
so I guess sometimes it just doesn't happen like you want it to!

^You can say that again! xx
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