Cleaning Bottle concern

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Posted: Tue May 07, 2013 11:20 pm 
Post subject: Cleaning Bottle concern
I need some advice. My boyfriend lives with his friends who have a 5 month old. His friends are not the cleanest of people and I'm concerned about their bottle cleaning habits. When I come over I often see stacks of dirty bottle in the sink. Also it smells like something is is going bad as soon as I walk in the apartment. It's worse by the sink where the bottles are sitting. They have not been rinsed out either. A few times I saw mold growing in the bottles. I have talked to my boyfriend about it. He said not to say anything. Should I bring up that I'm concerned about the bottle sitting for days in the sink with left over formula or should I stay quiet? If I bring it up what would be the polite way to bring the subject up?

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