second baby anyobe else feelibg rubbish

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Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 10:06 am 
Post subject: second baby anyobe else feelibg rubbish
well am having another baby and i found out last week am only 4 weeks nearly 5 and so far since i have founvout i have felt like rubbish and am only at the beginibg before i feel pregnant i was the worlds worse eater i didnt eat breakfast or lunch ate junk food in the afternnon then dinner i have issues with puttung weight on so was in sone sense people woyld say i was starving myself but since i feel pregnant i have obviosly ha to start eating better like having fruit for lunch and the ftuit and ceral bars in the afternoon so all jubk food has gone. because i want to be healthy when i am pregnant an dobt wnt to eat loads if jubk food and get fat an then when babys born id i ger that far end up with a big fat belly at the end as with my first i put lije no weight on and only so little lose as i was all baby and i liked that
with my first pregnancy i had a lot of pains and the first trimeater wasnt thr hard had no mornubg sickness or back pain nothing reallu this time have bck pain and am tired i have a three year old whos due to go to nursery after the summer and he stull relys on me so much so nit sure how im going to get through this as if im exhausted this early on what am i going to be liie futher on.
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