Is my husband selfish?

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Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 6:21 am 
Post subject: Is my husband selfish?
Please honest opinions!

Baby is due 6 October and my husband is from Australia so into the rugby. He has invited his mate who he grew up with to stay with us for 4 weeks at the end of October and November. They will be going away and staying there to watch it.

He knew I didn't want his mate here just after the baby is born I wanted us together as a family. We had a talk and I said for him to come over in the summer but he has gone and told him to come anyway. He says I'm selfish and don't want him to be happy. I feel like I am second best. He always goes out at least twice a week. He has money to do the rugby and go away yet we haven't even been on honeymoon. He has lied to me when he knew how I felt. I feel completely destroyed like I am not worth it and I don't even know what to do. I feel not important at all he wanted this baby yet wants to act like jack the lad.

I feel like a terrible mum I've got a 4 yr old from a previous relationship who adores him but what do I do stay with someone who doesn't care and wants his own way all the time? I feel trapped I have no money no car (he made me sell if for our wedding) no job and he won't move out. I don't even know where I'd go but I do t want to stay here when he's being like this and I don't think it will change. Now I'm stuck 20 weeks pregnant and feel like my world is falling apart.

Am I being that selfish that I don't want him here to cause a marriage breakdown?
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Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 8:29 am 
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I personally think hes being selfish. Sorry but how can he do his duties with his mate there. He needs to be looking after you not going out with his mates.

He should also be respectful that youre pregnant and emotional. Hope vyou feel better soon xx

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