Weaning and another developmental question...

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Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 8:14 pm 
Post subject: Weaning and another developmental question...
Poppy is over 6 months, 5 months adjusted. She is only just starting to grab and as she stopped growing in the womb is not yet 12lbs yet.
I thought that I would trial her with just a bit of baby rice y'day (she can't sit up yet nor grab food so against all baby led weaning advise), and followed instructions to the letter. She didn't want it, had next to nothing, so will leave it which I am fine about. Now today she has had the most awful tummy upset (she has colic normally but it rarely bothers her) and been desperately upset with tummy ache and ate less then normal. She is normally so laid back that I barely get any tears from her.

Does this sound like I have tried too early or a coincident with having a tummy upset? When did you start weaning? Evie was easy to wean but this time my baby is so small, and seems delayed in her development, even beyond her adjusted age.

Also... has anyone else found developmental delay even more behind than the baby's adjusted age?

Thanks xx

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