Bottle feeding my premature baby

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Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:20 am 
Post subject: Bottle feeding my premature baby
Can anyone help...

My little boy was 6 weeks premature, he stayed in hospital for 2 weeks 3 days where he was in a routine for feeds!

Now hes home and he's 13 weeks he still isant finishing a bottle and only goes about 3 hours between feeds, only taking from 60-80ml out of his 120ml bottle!

Health visitor said feed him on demand and if he's putting weight on it dosent matter that much...

Surely by now he should have some kind of routine and be going up in feeds?????? Confused

Whose experienced this and what did you do?

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Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:23 am 
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I would expect ounces to increase but if he is putting on weight and has wet nappies then try not to worry too much. Have you changed your teats to the next size? Mine always increased ounces with yhe next teat xx

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Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:07 pm 
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Poppy fed like this... in fact it is only this week (20 weeks) that she is feeding more at a time, but still goes every 3 hours or so in the day, but she does sleep through at night (7 -7). I did demand feed coupled with feeding at specific times, as before she came out of hosp I was told to wake her up to ensure she gained the weight (no feed = more sleep, more sleep = no feeds = no weight gain). I sill do this to get her into the idea of meal times (how many of us wait until we are really hungry before we eat but eat at set times?!)
She is still very small but follows her percentile (9th percentile on prem / 0.4 on normal scale) and is happy and content.

Remember that your baby is still, in effect, only 7 weeks old, so still veeeery young and most babies at this age don't have a routine


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