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Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:39 pm 
Post subject: Need some advice
Hi i need some advice ASAP!! Im on the pill however to my own fault forgot to take a few and in this occasions i did have sex. Im now due on my period however i have not had a real bleed it has been very light pink and only when i wipe. Can this mean im pregnant? I have done a test as far as i could tell this was negative but not sure if this was too early as im due to come off today and done the test too early? Did i do the test too early. Please can i have some advice.....
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Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:12 am 
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Most tests can be done the day your period is due, so if it actually was negative and there was no sign of any sort of second line then chances are you're not pregnant and it could just be a light bleed because of the pill.
You can get pregnant just by missing a few pills, or even taking them late with the mini pill so if you have any doubts it's worth testing again in a few days. You can also have a bleed when pregnant I had one after conceiving on the pill and it was just like a normal pill withdrawal bleed so I didn't even realise I was pregnant, but I've also gotten pregnant on the pill a couple of other times and just had no bleed at all then so it's hard to say what a light bleed could mean and the best way to tell is to test, use your first morning urine to make sure it's the strongest sample and if that's negative you're probably not pregnant, Good luck xx
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