two year old goes to be far too late

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Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 1:13 pm 
Post subject: two year old goes to be far too late
Hi there
i am sure i am not alone, so any advice would do.

My youngest daughter has a very bad night routine. While the others go to bed 8 and 9 respectively, my youngest just refuses to go to bed.
she will lie with me in the bed for awhile (she is still breastfed at night)and then decide she wants to watch a dvd of barney or noddy. then off she trotters to the lounge and puts in a cd. she happily hangs around in the lounge with my husband till around 11pm at night before falling asleep on the couch.
i've chatted with hubby about the problem, but he does just what his little princess wants to do. if she wants to play, then they play and if she wants to watch tv, they watch tv. now she is in this bad sleep routine where they watch tv all night, until she eventually settles down on the couch to sleep.
i need to also put her in her own bed, but she still demands the breast at night:) Rolling Eyes
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Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 2:57 pm 
Post subject:
I'd just go for it, at her age there's no reason not to go cold turkey on the breastfeeding if you don't want to continue and it sort of sounds like you maybe feel enough enough ? and it sounds like she looks for excuses to simply not go to bed Question , Toddlers are very quick to figure out how to get their own way sometimes Laughing If its working for her she'll keep doing it .
I'd pick a reasonable time and stick to it, tell her what's happening and what you expect of her ,that she's a big girl now and has to sleep in her own bed, have a routine with a story in her room and then once she's in bed, just take her back every time she comes out, the super nanny style of not interacting and just being consistent with taking them back works well ,once she realises you're serious and she's not going to be allowed to stay up then she'll give up.
Chances are good you'll get resistance and maybe tantrums at first as her usual tricks don't work but if you stick to it then it normally only takes a few days for them to realise you mean what you say ,you do both have to be on the same page though for things to work, if your OH lets her stay up then you'll be back to square one, with him I'd point out that she needs a decent quantity of sleep at her age to have the energy to be a 2yr old during the day Laughing A lot of studies have shown that watching TV/dvd's around bedtime is too stimulating for children and rather than helping them nod off it actual stops them going to sleep as quickly and also can mean they're more likely to wake up even once the TV is off .
Maybe your hubby likes his time with just his youngest every night especially if she's daddy's little girl , so you might find you have more resistance from him than from her ? Good luck xxx
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