Really struggling with nap times

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Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:00 am 
Post subject: Really struggling with nap times
Can anyone offer any advice/ suggestions? My DD is 3 months old and over the last few weeks has totally lost the ability to nap! It seems that as she went longer at night things got worse, now sleeps 12 hrs which is fab but barely anything during the day! I could get her to settle with use of a dummy but it was getting to the stage where as soon as it fell out she woke up- every 10-20 mins. So 2 days ago I decided to take her dummy away!! Now she won't settle at all except if she's in the car which is a nightmare. I've tried pick-up pit down, true cry it out (max 15 mins) but she jut cries the minute I put her in her cot to nap. She goes down fine at night an can settle herself at night so by cant she do it durin the day??

Really struggling, tempted to give her the dummy back but don't want the last 2 days work taking it off her to go to waste! Any suggestions / ideas welcome

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