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Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:13 am 
Post subject: bed issues
hi folks-i know this is the wro.g forum but i am desperate for ideas and didnt get any in othet forum. My son is 20mths-about 4 weeks ago we moved him out of cot and into cot bed. initially this went great (he has always been a great sleeper) but this ladt wk has been awful! he goes to bed fine, naps well in his bed during day (just 1 nap after lunch) but has suddenly started getting out of bed throughout night and very early. he isnt upset or crying, he just sleepily walks through to our room-its as if he stirs slightly and his immediate thought is to get out of bed. we have been doing super nanny techniques but he not getting the hint and i am getting crabby!! hubby works shifts so i am mostly dealing with it on own. no idea wat to do, i am wondering about getting cot back but really dont want to. or perhaps a proper bed thats highrr from ground-wat do u all think? its beginning to disturb my 3 yr old so eager to sort it asap!
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Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:21 am 
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Hi. Hmm. We only just moved our son to a bed (low on the ground, no railings) this week and he turned 3 about a month ago. Was he climbing out of the cot that you moved him to a cot bed? Not sure how to deal with a 20 mnth old getting out of bed as they can't really talk back to you as why they are getting out.
I would just persist for another week and then maybe you need to get the cot back? Sorry Sad My son has done really well the past 3 nights - last night he didn't even get out of his bed. Saying that, he does want me to lie with him when I put him to bed at night, but after that.. Smile If you just pick him up, no words, no reaction and carry him back to his bed, put him in, covers over him and walk straight out the room? Do that again and again, so he gets the picture? Maybe start a reward chart? Stickers and treats for staying in bed all night for a 3 nights, then 4 nights, then a week?
Sorry, I doubt I'm being much help. Good luck, i know how precious sleep is. xxx

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