Menopur and natural intercourse- no lead follicle, HELP

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Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 6:20 pm 
Post subject: Menopur and natural intercourse- no lead follicle, HELP
Hi all

I am new to fertility forums so please excuse me if I don't use the accepted lingo. I have read posts on this site for several months now since my m/c at 9 weeks in February (6mtnhs ago). I would really appreciate any advice I can get on the following issue. I am getting minimal guidance from my fertility specialist ob/gyn.

By way of brief history, I am 32yo, have a 2 year old (easy conception), used to have regular 31 day cycles with plenty of hormones (evident in breakouts, lots of CM, good flow), breastfed for 18 months, stopped in Sept 2012, on the Pill for 3 months thereafter, breakthrough period, stopped taking the pills, fell pregnant 2 weeks later. Then had a m/c. Following the m/c I had a couple of super long cycles, then weird cycles- ovulation late (day 19) and 9 day luteal phases. Minimal CM. Zero breakouts. Started seeing the specialist at that point.

I was concerned my excess exercise over the years, especially this past year, had caused hormonal and thus ovulation issues (suppressed hormones). He said no and diagnosed "insulin sensitivity and mild multi cysts". Went onto Glucophage (Metformin). He expected a quick response. No such luck- again late ovulation and was banned from any BDing. happened for two cycles. As my lining on these cycles was also shocking, he bypassed clomid and put me straight onto Menopur and HCG shots (just for stimming and trigger respectively, followed by intercourse as opposed to IVF).

First cycle Menopur was a bust as I ovulated after 3 injections- appears there was a follicle left over from the previous cycle (in which I was put on Provera to surpress ovulation and induce menstruation) that needed a bit of a kick and out the egg popped. Bad egg, terrible luteal phase of 8 days.

Well, on this cycle I have been on 75iu Menopur a day since day 4 and am now on day 10. Scan today showed lining of 7mm, a follie of 11 or 12 mmand two or three at about 10mm. Others much smaller. Had a scan previously, on day 7, and the biggest follie was 10mm. In other words, the biggest follie on day 7 only grew by 1mm, and it now seems there will no longer be a lead follie. Going in for a scan on day 12 and dr says he will make a call then about whether to cancel the cycle ("we can't trigger all of them").

VERY discouraged as I've invested a LOT by way of emotions and $$$ into this and was not warned that such a thing could happen. It was sold to me as a bit of a quick fix while "Glucophage does its work in the background". PLEASE could someone advise
-whether this is normal/common to not get a lead follie on Menopur?
-what the options are: are we still early days and I may get a lead follicle, or is this cycle a bust?
-do I let him make the call that it is a bust or do you suggest I ask to continue with the Menopur shots? I see some people take them for ages, but perhaps the lack of lead follicle means I should not??
-the clinic very much promotes the menopur/HCG shot route and have dismissed me when I have tentatively asked about alternative injectables. Can any of you provide me with any options I can raise with them? I think if it comes across that I have done my homework they will take me seriously.

Thanks for listening Smile
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