recommend a good surgeon cheshire?

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Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:03 am 
Post subject: recommend a good surgeon cheshire?
hi all
newbie here
been looking into tubal reversal for over 12 mths now saved up the cash
tubes were tied in 2006
deeply regret it now looking for peoples recomendations on whom to use where to go etc within cheshire pref
can any one offer any advice at all?
thanks in advance
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Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:00 am 
Post subject:
Sorry Bex , only just saw your post , I'm not sure if any one else used a hospital in Cheshire , well I suppose strictly speaking I did as I went to the spire in Macclesfield (the regency ) but I suspect (without going into details) that the surgeon I used there is perhaps no longer doing these op's Question .
They may have another doctor though , overall the hospital isn't as fancy as some but the quality of care from all the staff was brilliant , total cost for keyhole when I had mine (3 yrs ago) was £2,750 but I know it went up to 3,150 shortly after still much cheaper than Spire Manchester quoted though. My honest advice would be to get a recommendation for a surgeon though, based on actual pregnancy results rather than just tubes repaired and travel if necessary to see the doctor, rather than searching based on hospitals because with this op a good surgeon makes all the difference , somewhere buried in this section, maybe pg 2 or 3 is an outcomes post which might help . I have heard good things about a Dr Pickles (sniggers childishly at name Laughing ) who I believe is based in Nottingham , I'm sure there are a couple of Ladies who have recently conceived after using him which is the best measure of success Smile Bit of a way to travel perhaps but worth it if it works , if you have any more questions then there's a getting pregnant after reversal post which is actually meant for all Ladies both pre and post op and you might find you get a reply faster posting in there, Good Luck xx
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Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:46 am 
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Very Happy Wish I would have had Dr Pickles.. great name.. lol xx
Tubal Reversal 19/7/10
Angel Baby due 18/5/2011 (ectopic)
Angel Baby due 25/1/2012 (m/c)
Angel Baby due 21/6/2012 (m/c)
All 3 much loved and wanted xx
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