HELP PLEASE!!!! Rota Virus (Rotarix) Vaccine

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Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:37 pm 
Post subject: HELP PLEASE!!!! Rota Virus (Rotarix) Vaccine

My son went for his immunisation jabs yesterday at 17 weeks.

The nurse said to me that there was a new vaccine for the Rota Virus but he couldn't have it as he was too old, but then she said "Hang on let me check all the info that they send with the vaccines"

The "paperwork" said

"the two dose course should preferably be given before the child is 16 weeks old, but must be completed by the age of 24 weeks"

So she said that as he was 17 weeks old at his first dose then he would be fine because his second dose(4 weeks apart) would be at 21 weeks old.
She checked and double checked and said that it was fine, so i agreed.

However, having looked on a few websites it looks like he shouldn't have been given it.

The NHS website says:
The rotavirus vaccination is only suitable for young babies. The first dose cannot be given any later than 15 weeks and the second dose no later than 24 weeks. Babies can only have the second dose if they had their first dose before 15 weeks.

The NetDr website says:
The first dose of the vaccine can't be given to babies who are older than 15 weeks. This is because there is insufficient data on the safety of a first dose of rotavirus vaccine in older infants.

An American medical website says:
Infants for whom the first dose of rotavirus vaccine was inadvertently administered at age 15 weeks or older should receive the remaining doses of the series at the routinely recommended intervals. Timings of the first dose should not affect the safety and efficiency of the remaining doses.

I am FREAKING out big time, i cant believe they gave my son a vaccine that's not safe. How will i know if its going to harm him, what will it do, when am i in the all clear? Sorry for all the questions but i'm so upset. Ive been crying and stressing all day.
Ive allowed them to trial a drug on my precious baby boy!!
What shall i do? Is there a vaccine expert that i can call? I fear if i call the the GP, he will just use google like me and NHS direct just read from scripts!!!

What shall i do?

Also, regardless of this first dose, do i have the second dose as it will be before the 24 weeks so i know that one is safe but the NHS website says not to????

I hate this, i wish i could rewind the clock and just say no!!!!!

Thanks in advance for reading my crazy rant!!!

Gem xx
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