Help! My twins keep biting!!

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Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:42 am 
Post subject: Help! My twins keep biting!!
Hi everyone, I used to come on here regularly before i had my twin boys in Dec 2011 and they have pretty much taken over my life now! Laughing Very Happy

Im struggling as they keep biting each other and Tom is biting other children at nursery. Im so upset each time i get told he has bitten another child. Max only bit for a short time but think he is fed up of Tom biting him and has now started biting him all of the time Sad they share the same bedroom so i really cannot stop it from happening. Last night Max must have bitten Tom 10 times over his arms. It is really upsetting me and just need some advice if anyone else has been through it before. It is harder as I have 2. They are 19 months and been doing this since about 10 months. I feel like i should be able to do more to stop it. Feel so helpless! Question

Hope everyone is well


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Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:07 am 
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Have you tried short time outs ?
Not easy with toddlers but at that age they hate to feel left out of things so being sat on the naughty step or chair or bean bag or whatever while the rest of you are doing something fun might just be enough to make them think twice next time Question
I feel for you though it's hard enough having one 19 month old never mind two and I know friends with twins say there's fight more than siblings of different ages and at 19 months they can get quite frustrated can't they which often seems to trigger things like biting and kicking and hair pulling, at 10 months they wouldn't have understood it was wrong but at 19 months old they can understand a lot more even if they can't speak so I'd definitely try the super nanny way of getting down on their level and using a stern voice to tell them no and it's naughty and that they hurt their brother and are getting a time out, having someone else there when you try it would probably help as well then you can concentrate on them one at a time. Is there any way you could maybe swap one of them with their older brother temporarily (bedrooms I mean Laughing ) just to try and break the habit at night Question x
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Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:29 pm 
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oh no, shame, this is the worst. my daughter is also a biter, but not too bad, she is now 28 months and it has defenitely improved.
when she bit me, i bit her back and she soon learnt that biting is not nice.
but your twins are biting each other, so they know exactly how it feels. i would also use time out, or take away their favourite toy. give them stars for not biting and take stars away when they do bite. reward them at the end of the week who has the most stars. something is sure to work.
do they wear teething necklases?
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