beginning to lose hope!!

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Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:21 pm 
Post subject: beginning to lose hope!!
hi everyone just a little background on me. me and my dh decided to try for baby #3 as we have a 10yr old dd and a 7yr old dd in february this year we got very faint positive results at the beginning of april but they faded and i started to bleed chemical pregnancy?? we were lucky enough to get a bfp 4 weeks later nut unfortunatly this ended in a missed miscarrige at 9 weeks the baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks now 8 weeks after this i had very faint positive again for three days but not getting darker and have now started to bleed and lose clots 3 days before my period is due. so ladies my questions are am i having another chemical pregnancy??? and if i get pregnant quickkly again do you think my chance of another miscarriage is increased?? i have heard that chemical pregnancy are very common and if you arent ttc you would not know you have experienced one any help appreciated Question
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Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 6:34 am 
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Chemical pregnancy are thought to be up to 50% of all pregnancies and a lot of women even those who are TTC never realise if they don't test early, sometimes it happens so soon after implantation as well that you might never get even a faint positive on a test, sometimes it happens late enough for several days of fading positives, when I had what I think might have been a chemical I only got one faint line (10 DPO)and the next day it was gone so put it down to a false pos from a dodgy test until I had a very strange AF (17DPO which was two days late for me )which started with lots of pain but no bleeding but then a sudden rush of blood and clots and string stuff (sorry for the TMI but I thought it might sound similar to what you're having now) without that one faint line I might have just thought it was a heavy period Question
It does sound like you could be having a chemical pregnancy again Sad but as they happen so early there's no reason not to TTC again straight away and it doesn't increase your chances of another M/C in fact it might even help as your progesterone levels might still be slightly raised Question If you have repeated chemicals it might be worth getting your progesterone tested at 7 days after ov to make sure it's not a low progesterone problem, if it is then there are treatments available
Good luck if you decide to try again xx
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