could i be pregnant im so confused :s

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Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:28 am 
Post subject: could i be pregnant im so confused :s
Hi all I've only Just signed up and wanted someone opinion please.

Me and my partner are trying to conceive, my periods havnt been regurlar since I had my littleboy but the last couple months they have been regular. I came on my period July 11th came of on the 217th, had unprotected sex on the 20th buy he pulled out. Then we had sex on the 25th 26th and the 27th (went the full way). On the 28th I had really bad cramping to the point I couldn't stand up it eased of gradually on the 29th I wrang and spoke to my doctor and be said I may have water infection, I took a wee sample in and it came back negative he then sent me for a blood test last Thursday and Monday I got the results which where negative. I've been feeling sick, very tired , hungry all the time which is weird as I never really eat and been bloated. So tuesday evening I took a pregnancy test I see a very very faint positive it was that faint u could only see it in a certain light, I done a test yesturday Morning amd was negative. I then noticed I started bleeding I'm 5 days early for my period. Be bleeding ain't heavy like my normal prriod. Could this be implantation bleeding?
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