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Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:44 pm 
Post subject: IUGR
I just wondered if anyone here had a lo with Intrauterine Growth Restriction, especially those with older children that had it. For unknown reasons my lo didn't grow properly and although she was 2 weeks late, weighed only 5lb. It wasn't picked up until I was 41 weeks pregnant, despite me raising concerns at every appointment that I had a tiny bump and that rather than gaining weight i'd lost 10lb since being pregnant. At 41weeks I measured 33cm, big panic and long story later lo was born by csection and diagnosed with symmetrical IUGR. I've been really worrying after reading up on it, although my lo is 4 months old, now on the 50th centile, hitting her milestones and is a happy normal baby everywhere it says that IUGR babies have lower IQs, behavioural problems and other life long neurological disorders and i'm a panicking a bit! Anyone have any experience of this?
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