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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:03 pm 
Post subject: Advice needed
Hi all

Wondered if anyone could advise me or reassure me if they have been through similar situations.

So I had my first little boy in 2008 after 2 yrs of ttc. I then got pregnant again in 2010 but the baby stopped growing at 7 wks and I miscarried. I now find myself pregnant again (only 5 wks) after 3 yrs or ttc!! I'm so so happy but so so scared ..... I've woken today to find my boobs not as sore and feeling fine whereas I have had slight nausea a couple of days ago.. I'm obviously thinking the worse due to past experience and don't know what to do........ I'm finding that I'm constantly thinking things will go wrong! I have a feeling that if I go to my GP they won't really do anything as they didnt when i miscarried!

Please help

Tash xxxx
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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:59 pm 
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I cannot advice but didn't want to R&R. Can you see the GP anyway. They may not do anything but then they might do. Can you not say a little white lie and say you are 9 or 10 weeks and see if you can get a scan?


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