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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:22 pm 
Post subject: Shingles
Hi ladies it has been a few years since I posted on here.. I'm now expecting my second baby Very Happy and wanted to ask for some advice if anyone could help Smile I have informed my workplace of my new exciting news, I was 8 weeks when I informed them. The still have not carried out a risk assessment. When I showed up for my night shift on sat I was told that a lady that we care for is rather poorly and that she now has a hospital bed.. I left the handover and it was then that my work mate turned to and said "Sam you need to ask what to do because she isn't just poorly she has shingles" ( good job she told me and I didn't just go strait there to see her) well as it happened I went to ask and explain my situation as not all care team management had been informed about my pregnancy just the head manager. She told me that she was no longer infectious and in recovery but I could wake her in the night if needs be, if I'm worried. She then stressed several times that she was on the next day shift all day! So as she was no longer a risk to I thought I would be ok.. She didn't require assistance till 4.00am I went to her room and helped her out of bed with my work Colleague only to see her skin was the worst case of shingles I have ever seen!!! She was weeping through her bed clothes the poor lady!! But worst i was in with infection.. Yes I do believe that I had chicken pocks as a child! But I do still have growing concerns!! I also am very angry with my head manager as she knew my situation and how bad this infection was! I spoke to her earlier that day and she said nothing to me!!!! I told them my upset they said that its down to me as the sleeping manager told me to wake her if I was concerned! They also said I won't be put in that situation again.. I'm still upset!!! Sorry for the long winded ness of this message just needed to vent to understanding mothers to be xxxx
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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:58 pm 
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During my last pregnancy we had an outbreak of shingles where I am - and hand foot and mouth disease within a matter of a month (we are in a school).

There were 3 of us pregnant - 2 in 1st trimester and one in 2nd. We were told to check with our midwives, who told to us to check with the drs, who told us to ring the hospital who told us that the chances were minimal if we had already had chicken pox but it was our decision whether to sign off or not. Rubbish advice!!

I can understand your upset, especially if it was of that extremity and you had gone near her personally (everyone infected in our place were told to go home so not to spread - which is clearly not helpful in your case.

Do you have a union who can write them a stern letter to express your anger? It is disgusting especially with no consideration to how you feel.


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Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:35 am 
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You can't catch shingles from someone else, it happens in people who have had chicken pox before then the virus lies dormant in the nerve roots and comes back years later as shingles usually because the person has a weakened immune system for some reason. There's a tiny possibility that you can get the chicken pox virus from someone with shingles though if you haven't had chicken pox before Question
So it's worth trying to find out if you definitely had chicken pox as a child, if you did then you should be immune and it's highly unlikely you would catch it again. Unfortunately your employer doesn't have to legally carry out a specific risk assessment for each pregnant woman but should already have those risks taken into account in their general Health and safety policy and should be putting anything into place for you that they need to be doing, which is why they ask that you inform them of your pregnancy, this is a link to the relevant HSE page
You should be able to get a copy of the Health and safety policy where you work to check if they are complying xx
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