Flu and transfer??

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Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:29 am 
Post subject: Flu and transfer??
I came home yesterday feeling terrible!! Achy, tired, and my chest hurt.
I am definitely sick, donít know if it will last get worse or what.
Tomorrow I'm supposed to start medrol and tetracycline, transfer Sat.
So I wonder, will suppressing my immune system really throw me over the edge? Can I transfer while being sick?? Does that affect my chances?? And I'm wondering if the tetracycline might actually help? Never had this trouble before. Am so confused on the point. Cannot get proper rest and sleep from yesterday evening.. Feeling exhausted!..
Has anyone done a transfer sick, and what were you told? I can't believe this, this sucks.
Thanks for reading x
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Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:42 am 
Post subject:
Hi, hun! Sorry for you. But I should say that being sick is not a big trouble for the process unless you get fever. Of course itís not one of the best states but it can be coped with.
From my experience, I was deathly ill for my 2nd transfer (ivf using donor eggs). I was terrified they would cancel me.
My clinic (Biotexcom) did a pre-transfer physical and I contemplated trying to "hide" how sick I was. But with so much on the line, I decided to be totally honest and let the chips fall where they may.
They let me continue and acted like my illness was no big deal at all!! Despite flu-like symptoms Ė no fever though. That cycle actually worked for me, resulting in a pregnancy.
You just have to be careful what meds you take. If Iím not mistaken, only Sudafed and Tylenol are okey. Even medicated nasal spray was a no-no for me!! The cycle meds (medrol and antibiotic) were not a problem at all.
Good luck and feel better! Wink
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