can anyone help??

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Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:47 pm 
Post subject: can anyone help??
My lmp was either june 22 or 24. I missed it in july. took a test on the 24 or 25 of july.... came up neg. had a one night stand. took a test 2 weeks later and it was positive.... now idk who the father is. is it possiible for it to be the one night stand.... even though it said I was ovulating around july 5-10th?? so scared and dont know what to do....
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Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:09 am 
Post subject:
It's very hard to say sorry as when you miss one period then it's normally either because you haven't ovulated when you normally would that cycle or because you are pregnant Question
If you had actually ovulated between the 5th and 10th of July you would have expected to have your period around the end of July and would expect to have got a positive test around then as well as you didn't chances are you ovulated later and it is completely possible for the one night stand to be the father but there's no real way to tell until you have a scan Question
Even the conception indicators wouldn't help now as they only go up to 3+ weeks and its more like 4 since you slept with him (presuming it was around the time of the negative test).
It is still possible though that you were already pregnant when you tested around the 24/25th but just not far enough to show positive on a test yet, maybe you did ovulate late but still before the one night stand Question
To be honest I'd try and get an early scan, you can have them privately from about 7 weeks based on your last period they'd date you as about 9 weeks now (even though the scan may prove different) so you should be able to get one done, if it says you're more than 6 weeks pregnant then it's unlikely to be the one night stands baby (again based on sleeping with him around the 24th/25th any later and it would be less of course )
Don't forget they always add 2 weeks on scan dates so if they said 7 weeks and 5 days for example you'd count back 5 weeks and 5 days for the likely conception date, it's not exact but it should help a bit , Good Luck xx
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