Is it possible I'm pregnant?

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Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:02 pm 
Post subject: Is it possible I'm pregnant?
Hi guys, this is a bit of a long one as I want to give as many details as possible so you are informed when giving any advice, so if you read this whole post and respond, I'll thank you with all my heart now!

So over a year ago I was diagnosed with PCOS (I'm guessing most will have an idea on what this is), at first I had a minor breakdown over it but in February decided enough is enough, time to sort it out and take control of my body. I was almost 17 and a half stone at that point, I have since lost over 3 stone and now weigh exactly 14 stone. Obviously I still have a long way to go, but I'm so proud of what I've achieved so far. I started getting my regular periods back and things are looking good.

Now to the possible pregnancy info! I had my period as scheduled, and then slept with a friend of mine on a night out the following week. Yes I know, not very classy but I'm really into this guy and will take what I can get when it comes to him. 2 days afterwards I bled again. Just like another period, but way too early! Since then I've not as yet had another period but the bleed/period I had after intercourse only ended 2 weeks ago. What's making me question pregnancy is all the symptoms I've been getting! I've had discharge, my appetite has changed, I'm really lacking energy, and I'm extremely hormonal and emotional. These are amongst other, not so obvious things. Obviously I'm aware I'll only know if I'm pregnant when I do a test, but by my guessed calculations it would be too early to do a test just yet. Unfortunately though, patience is not one of my traits and I would love to just get someone's opinion on the whole thing.

Please be frank with me, I would love to be pregnant but I'm only 20 so do have plenty of time so honest opinions are preferable.

Many thanks in advance ladies xx
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Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:16 am 
Post subject:
it is always possible after unprotected sex i would wait till your period due date maybe few days later and test good luck and well done on your weight loss you have done amazing x
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Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:48 am 
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According to the manufacturers if you test at least 19 days after you last had unprotected sex then it should get you the right result as far as if you're pregnant or not .
A lot of these tests will show a pregnancy as little as 12 days from conception, but as conception doesn't always happen the day you actually have sex and can even be as much as a week later if you wait 19 days then even if you didn't ovulate until a few days after the sex you should still get the right result on the test.
I'm presuming you don't know when or if you ovulated this cycle with the strange bleeding you had Question
You can get ov related bleeding which for some women is just a few spots but for others it can be quite heavy and some of the womb lining can be shed as well from the change in hormones, and it can last a few days, women who have this can still get pregnant so it is worth testing if you're feeling a bit strange, but if you've only just started to have regular cycles then any changes you get could be down to your hormones trying to get back to normal as well things you wouldn't have noticed while not ovulating as the same changes don't occur Question
Some types of discharge are totally normal parts of your cycle but some months you might not notice it and others you might have loads, clear stretchy discharge is known as egg white cm and is a sign of being close to ovulation, white or creamy cm is more normal just after your period or after ovulation and having more than normal can be a sign of high progesterone but again that can happen after ov pregnant or not, progesterone can also give you sore boobs, make you tired, make you pee more often, give you heartburn and change the taste of food and even make you nauseous Rolling Eyes Laughing
Oestrogen can make you moody, cause headaches and make you bloated, so between the pair of them they can make you think other things are going on as they also cause almost all of the 'classic' pregnancy symptoms .
So really the only way to know for sure is a test you might be pregnant even with a bleed after sex and if it's 19 days or more since then a test will almost certainly show up if you are, Good luck getting the result you want xx
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