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Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:46 pm 
Post subject: Gestational Diabetes Query...
Hi there

I've recently been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and would like to know about other ladies birth experiences as I'm more than a little nervous about it.

I had had my heart set on a water birth but understand now that my hospital will not allow me to have one as I will need to be constantly monitored.

What I'm really worried about is whether or not I will be hooked up to all this equipment with no option but to stay on my back on the bed - I really want to try and stay upright and active for as long as possible.

Also - I've heard that I will probably be induced early?

I'm really interested in hearing anyone else's GD birth experiences.

At the moment I am trying to control my blood glucose level through diet and am doing the finger prick test after each meal. We had our first growth scan last Friday and they said that at the moment our daughter is of normal size.

Thanks in advance.
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Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:08 pm 
Post subject:
Hi I had GD ith my first (but not my second due to being incredibly careful all the way through the pregnancy with my diet).

I diet controlled it and was induced on my due date as I was told that I wasnt allowed to go over due. I had stretch and sweeps from 37 weeks to help things along and I as expressing colostrum into syringes from 37 weeks just incase he had to go to scbu but he didnt.

They started with a pessary at 3pm and I had to keep walking round and round the corridors for ages and just keep moving. I had another a couple hours later and started contracting all through the night, due to nerves I didnt get much sleep but thats just me, I hate hospitals lol. I was put on a monitor every now and then but told to be as active as poss. In the morning about 7am they broke my waters and I went and had some breakfast then went into the delivery room.

Then I had to be hooked up to monitors and a drip to keep the labour going. I as awkward with lots of wires but I could still sit on the ball and stand up etc. I had a midwife with me from then on but going to the bathroom was a bit of a palava! I had gas and air and tried all fours position but I was pretty knackered so stayed on my side or back if I had to lye down. By 4pm the mw was shocked to discover I was only 5cm as I was contracting hard but he was back to back. She said it could be another 5-6 hours and I was wiped out so I did agree to some pethidine but only out of last resort to get some rest before the fun started.

That actually seemed to relax me which sped things up, it was 4.30 before I had pethedine and aparently it takes about 20 mins to work. At 6pm I had to push and she found that I was 10cm. At 6.25 my little man was born! Now dont read into anything I am going to say next as this was just us and by no means is likely to happen to you! He was rushed straight to the baby cot they bring in with all the equipment and he was blue when he came out, took a few long minutes but he eventually cryed and was brough over to me for lots of skin to skin.

Because of the pethedine he was tired and didnt want to feed so had one of the syringes of milk I had expressed but was fine after that. They took his bloods before the first 4 feeds, then 12, 24,48,72 hrs. I have heard normally you get out after about 24-48 hrs but I think due to the was he came out they wanted us to stay longer but I just agreed to come back for the 72 hour test and call if I had any concerns but he was fine.

Our second baby was a home water birth so dont worry that this is always how it has to be. If you want any help or advice my email is as I dont come on here often. Sorry for the long reply but I wish I had this much info when I was going through it. Good luck xxx

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