My baby is having mustard color diarrhea looking bms

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Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:25 pm 
Post subject: My baby is having mustard color diarrhea looking bms
I have a one month old that has been feeding normally and eating every three to four hours of similac sensitivity for tummies. Over the last few days he has been having a bowel movement every day once a day mustard color and seems like diarrhea but not sure. He has been sneezing and having a minor cough what sounds like a slight cough no fever. no rashes. He spits up but not a lot only very little. I am just wondering if it could be an allergy or if this is just normal. I know that its not considered diarrhea unless I am changing loose bowel movements two - four diapers a day but he has only been going once a day. It is loose enough to go through his diaper. I need to know if I should allow him to continue the formula or switch it ? He was doing fine on it for the last month but just in the last week he started to do this. I am concerned because I have not experienced this before. Question
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