Really need advice!

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Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 5:43 pm 
Post subject: Really need advice!
I have gone this past cycle 89 days. on day 90 i started bleeding very lightly than normal. with mild back cramps like pms but not as bad as usual. usually can't walk when i have pms cramps. on day 2 of period woke up with lower abdominal/ pelvic cramps this continues throughout the day on and off. on day three i continuously had lower pelvic pains like pressure defiantly could not lay on my side or stomach! my boobs have been very sensitive and my nipples tend to itch. on day 4 there is nothing usually i will still bleed till day five. so i only had a three day period that was lighter than normal for my body. As of two days ago i have been extremely sleepy and as of a week tomorrow extremely emotional. I am confused if there may be something wrong with me. i am 26 years old. i believed i was ovulating on sept 3 and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex the day before. i was unsure if pre cum could get you pregnant as he always pulls out. please anything will be helpful. i would go to the doctor but i was recently laid off and had to cancel my insurance and health departments wont look to find the problem! thank you in advance.
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Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:26 am 
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You can get pregnant even using the withdrawal method, as men tend to always have some sperm in the tubes so even just the natural fluid they produce during sex before ejaculation can push these out of the tubes.
The timing of when you had unprotected sex would mean you could well have got pregnant if there were any sperm released so it is worth doing a home test.
Some women find they have cramping and even some bleeding in early pregnancy, when I got pregnant on the pill I had a normal withdrawal bleed that cycle even though I must have been about 4 weeks pregnant as the doctors date it, so I know from experience you can have quite a lot of bleeding and still be pregnant.
Some of the symptoms you have like being tired, emotional and the itchy sensitive nipples are classic early pregnancy signs, but could also just be due to hormonal changes in a normal cycle as well so it's hard to say just from those.
Do you have PCOS ? I just wondered with you saying this was a 90 day cycle, it doesn't stop you getting pregnant still if you have sex when actually ovulating, but could maybe explain your symptoms if it turns out you're not pregnant as you will have hormonal imbalances with that Question
A pregnancy test should work though if it's 18 days since you ovulated. Good luck xx
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