Has anyone been sterilized and fallen pregnant ?

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Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:03 am 
Post subject: Has anyone been sterilized and fallen pregnant ?
My name is Alice i am 31 i have three daughters ages 6 ,2, 7 months on the 1st march this year i give birth to kiera who was born my Cesarean been i had problems due to my pregnancy i had asked to be sterilized been i didn't want to go through the pain and stress and almost lost my baby either it was 7 months ago now i have been done, i had my tubes clipped my periods are always on time no fail in that! but my problem is i am week late and these are my symptoms

1. bloated
2.sore boobs
3 always sick
4. dark wee
6.back aches
7.gone off my food
I have also had thrush through out 3 of my pregnancy and kidney infections as well ive also had a water infection as well which is all cleared up i am gonna take a pregnancy test and see what my result comes up with? i am asking for advice please don't be nasty. thank u for reading this
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Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:10 am 
Post subject:
It's not totally unheard of to fall pregnant after being sterilised.
Slightly more common with clips as they can fall off before the tube scars if not put on properly.
It's about a 1/1000 chance though for all methods so pretty rare and sadly a lot of the pregnancies are ectopic (in the tube) so it is worth testing to make sure.
There is an actual sterilisation reversal section on here though with a lot of Ladies who've had theirs reversed and still can't get pregnant so that just shows how difficult it can be even when you're trying to after this op.
You being late could just be that you ovulated late this cycle, it's common for it to happen occasionally and the stress of being ill with the water infection could even have caused it, if you ov late then you will get your period late too.
I would test though and see your GP straight away if you are as they would need to keep an eye on you until they could be sure where the pregnancy was xx
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