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Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:46 am 
Post subject: Boot Camps
Has anyone done these and are they any good?

My bf's ex goes to one, an indoor session 2-3 times a week and outdoor sessions on a weekend. I had a look at the guys facebook page and it seems a bit of a scam to get people to spend money on supplements.

He was advertising 'fat burner' tablets, and claims 'sweat is your fat crying' like WTF! Also some sort of shakes to stop you feeling hungry between meals.

Then he puts pictures of a before and after woman, in just 6 weeks she has gone from untoned and slightly over weight to being lean and muscly. Apparently she weighs the same, but its better to be heavier and muscly.

Maybe I am being cynical but it really does seem a big con, bf's ex hasnt lost any weight in over 6 months, he even reckons she has gained! Also it all appears to be cardio work outs, so how will they be gaining muscle?

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