Vasectomy reversal stories

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Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:15 pm 
Post subject: Vasectomy reversal stories
My husband just recently has his vasectomy reversed(8/22) nine years after his vasectomy, we are hoping to have a child sometime next year. And we are both concerned with it's success and issues associated with the recovery. He is very physically active and at 10 days he is going crazy with no activity and no physical activity between the two of us.

How did everyone get through it?

He also had night time "good dream." While he is having a good recovery, both of us are concerned something is wrong because he was told to wait 3 to 4 weeks.

Any advice would be welcome and appreciated.

AskBaby Team
AskBaby Team
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Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:50 pm 
Post subject:
Hi masmith,

Welcome to!

I just wanted to let you know that I've pointed some members in the direction of your thread Very Happy

I thought it was worthwhile and between all our newer members you can 'make this thread your own' rather than tagging onto an existing (MASSIVE) thread...

However, I also wanted to reassure you that you'll be welcomed into the fold nice and quickly if you were to post in an established thread - no cliques here, we're a nice bunch!

Enjoy your time on!!!
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Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:17 am 
Post subject:
I have a success story for you - welcome to the board Smile
I have cut and paste a post I made previously in the reversal thread: -

I wanted to share a happy story with you all. I started on this board in 2009 when my DH had a vasectomy reversal in Cheshire Nuffield with Dr Chris. He only had one side reconnected and 6 months after the reversal we were told with 10 million swimmers with only 20% motility we were unlikely to conceive naturally but we beat the odds and a year after the reversal I was pg with my son Smile

August 2011 we started TTC baby number 2. A year later we went for tests and were told that DH had no sperm. His count was sometimes zero and sometimes 300 dead sperm. We were referred for IVF. We had our first ICSI attempt in October 2012 and it didn't work, DH produced 3,000 non motile sperm which were washed but very poor quality and only 2 of my 12 eggs showed any signs of fertilisation. They were put back but we rightly didn't hold out any hope for them. I knew something wasn't right with my DH and begged our IVF Dr to do hormone tests on him, she refused saying his VR had most likely scarred over and we would have to do a biopsy to obtain sperm but she didn't hold out much hope for finding any good quality sperm.

At this point I was close to giving up but something in my gut pushed me on. Every cycle we still tried naturally as it only takes one sperm.

In May this year I decided that I wanted to give IVF one last go but with a leading IVF Dr. When this Dr heard that my DH sometimes had sperm in his ejaculate he was convinced that this was a hormone problem and tested him. The tests showed low levels of testosterone and so my DH was prescribed 4 injections of ovitrelle (which is HCG) and also 1000mg of DHEA. He had his injection once a week. My af was due 22nd June and we were due to start IVF on 23rd June, however af never arrived!!! I was pg again Smile I didn't tell my DH on the morning of the 23rd so he still went into the clinic and had his sperm test and they found 42 million sperm with 30% motility. When he got home I told him the fab news and we are both so happy.

It just shows Drs are not always right and when you feel something strongly enough in your gut follow it, try a different Dr or a diff clinic, research on the internet etc.
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Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:28 am 
Post subject: TTC after VR- trying to find recent stories
Hi everyone

Sorry Im still new on here and looking for recent threads to motivate myself but can only find old ones.

OH had VR with Dr Lemberger Sept this year. All went well and we are now TTC. Anyone else out there going through the same?
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