Symptom spotting again!

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Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:07 pm 
Post subject: Symptom spotting again!
Hi ladies!
Sorry haven't been around much been crazy busy Toby Jug has been poorly with a nasty virus and croup, my washing machine went wrong and I have broken my big toe not a good couple of weeks really! Crying or Very sad
Anyway AF is due tomorrow I tested this morning cause it's the OH's birthday today and I thought it would be lovely if I could give him a BFP but unfortunately it was a BFN!
Anyway I have got the most painful breasts in the world I never normally have sore breasts just before my AF normally have a raging mood swing day followed by eating like a horse and then a bad IBS day followed by my AF it's like clockwork. But this month is different I haven't had the urge to stuff my face at all, my moods have been pretty bad (crying at an episode of Bones the other night!) and I haven't had the usual IBS attack yet.
We went for a lovely meal today but halfway through I just started feeling sick and the smell of the fish tapas was making me feel even worse, and like I said my breasts have been sooooo painful actually sat in front of the TV wearing a sports bra because they hurt too much when I take my bra off sorry TMI!
Am I reading too much into this again?
I hate this eternal getting my hopes up only to find I've come on. It feels like I'm having my warm up cramps all day today but everytime I check there's nothing there! My OH is actually wondering if I have diabetes I've been going to the toilet so much!!
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