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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:55 am 
Post subject: Advice on dates
Hi all,

First time I've been on this section. My hubby had a vasectomy reversal in January, we've been trying to conceive since then. He goes for a count week after next so we'll know then where we stand but obviously looking to maximise our chances.

Had been just seeing if it happens and so far it's not so now I'm properly charting my cycles to see when I'm most fertile. What I'm not sure about is the day I'm most fertile, my cycles are generally 35/36 days, I've also got two apps on my phone that were recommended for charting. From both they say that the 11th-13th May are fertile days and 14th-21st are ovulation days. This is confusing me as I thought ovulation days were when I'm fertile and which of these days are the ones to try on?

To be honest it's making me feel really daft lol
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Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 10:54 am 
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I think it means those fertile days are days when if you had sex the sperm could still be alive at the time you actually ovulate. With a 35/36 day cycle you could ov as early as day 17 of the cycle or as late as day 26. It all depends on how short or long your luteal phase (the time between ov and your period) is, once you have an idea then you can predict when you'll be fertile if you have regular cycles, as the luteal phase will usually stay pretty much the same, any changes in cycle length will normally be in the bit between your pervious period and ovulation.
It's very hard to pin down without testing.
Maybe try the ov tests just for a cycle to see when you get your surge, and most women ov within 48-72 hours of that happening so it should narrow it down for you. Then you can predict when ov is likely to happen the next month.
Day one is the first day of your period, you might want to test from day 15 or so if you do try them. Also keep an eye on cm, pre ov cm is often watery and clear and ov time cm is thicker and stretchy more like raw egg white, if you don't notice any cm try drinking more water as this can help you produce more and fertile cm is the ideal medium to keep sperm alive for longer, Good Luck
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Posted: Sat May 31, 2014 9:49 am 
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If in doubt, have lots of nookie lol! Relax, have fun trying, and as ^^ said might be worth trying an ovulation test kit for one cycle to pinpoint your best time, if you ovulate quite late in your cycle you could be stopping trying too soon IYSWIM. Good luck Smile
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