Question for any reversal Ladies out there

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Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:47 pm 
Post subject: Question for any reversal Ladies out there
Just out of interest ladies has anyone heard of someone becoming pregnant naturally after being told their tubes are blocked with scar tissue at the reversal site ?
Just because another lady has posted saying she has been told her reversal has failed and she has scarring at the op site and was asking if there was anything she should do ?
I know when I googled after getting my diagnosis last year I found Ladies who'd been told they wouldn't get pregnant because of blockages and did, but none of them specifically had 'blockages' directly at the site of their reversals Question
It seemed like their 'blockages' were probably either misdiagnosed spasms or maybe temporary ones elsewhere Question
This Lady was asking for advice as to whether she should try and pursue more surgery or other treatments like IVF ?
I know I was told IVF was the only option and surgery was just likely to cause more scarring and obviously its a year on and no BFP for me so it looks like when they told me I would never conceive naturally again they were right but I don't want to be unnecessarily negative with my reply for this woman based on my personal experience if anyone has heard of someone being told their blockage was scarring at the op site and they still got pregnant ?
I've just been having a look online for her but i'm struggling finding anything really ? xx
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