help me, help my wife

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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:19 am 
Post subject: help me, help my wife

I am dad to three girls ( 6 , 3 and a new born).I am looking for some Dadís advice or Dad forums webistes, the ones I can find to donít seem very active and the posts are quite old.

I would like some help/advice on how to cope with my wifeís mood swings, that are I am sure are caused by her lack of sleep.

A little info the third baby was totally unplanned. My wife and I often discussed having another baby and I was very against the idea, primary because I know from experience that the first 16 weeks (or till the baby sleeps through) are worse than hell on earth. What I mean by this is that my wife becomes a different person and I canít do anything right, we can go for days barely communicating. I try my best to help out with the baby, my other girls and all the chores and cooking after working a 8 hour day but it seems that I canít do anything right. My wife gets very angry for the smallest of things, dust on the bookshelf for example. Now if I dust the shelf, I know tomorrow it will be something else and I which canít predict.

She says that sheís doing everything and has no time to have a break. I realise she is with the baby 24/7and she has to look after the other girls after school and everything that involves. I am not sure how to help, what to do, who to ask.....
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Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 5:48 am 
Post subject: try this maybe
Hi I'm new here and a new mom but I have a idea that might help! Maybe ask her to 2 write down a list of what she needs help with on what days. Ext.maybe this could help you both.
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