Positive than Negative than positive now all negatives HELP

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Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:14 pm 
Post subject: Positive than Negative than positive now all negatives HELP
Here is my story I am 31 DH is 30 we have been trying to conceive for 2 years now. This month I started charting for the first time. I took a test at 10 dpo and got a faint but clear positive line. Took another at 11 dpo and it was neg. Took 2 more at 12 dpo and it was a faint but clear line again went to the doctor for a blood test that came back Negative so figured I was out. then at 14 dpo took my last test and it was a faint clear positive again. But this is why Im confused im about 18 dpo now and today my test was negative I took 2 both negative.. So please if anyone has been through this let me know your story im so upset.. Thanks
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Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:54 pm 
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Hi I would go for a blood test as its the most
Accurate way to find out, also I have never heard
Of a false positive test only false negatives, I really
Think u could be pregnant maybe just early on, hope this helps and u get a proper positive x
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Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:42 am 
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Blood tests are only accurate if it's a quantative test, this measures the exact levels in your blood and can say if you may be or definitely are pregnant, if your doc did a qualitative test then they're like home pregnancy tests in that they have a lower limit for a positive, so if your levels were lower then that it could give you a negative result when you are in fact pregnant especially at 12 DPO.
Different labs do tests in different ways as well so you could get a positive at one and a negative at another .
If you use different brands of tests you can get different results too as they tend to be different sensitivities also in early pregnancy when it's just small amounts of hormone testing at different times of day or after drinking more fluids can cause different results.
If you're 18 DPO with no sign of AF and that's not normal for you then chances are you are pregnant but some of the tests just aren't showing it, the other option is a chemical pregnancy, where you get positives early on that change to negatives and then AF arrives sometimes later than normal,but as yours have gone back and forth that's less likely. I'd get the same brand test you used at 14DPO and use that tomorrow with FMU and then take that to your doctor if it is positive and ask for a QUANTATIVE blood test to find out the exact levels of HCG in your blood, this can help decide if you are pregnant and if you have a failing pregnancy or one that is likely to continue, Good luck xx
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