Sterilisation reversal

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Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:16 pm 
Post subject: Sterilisation reversal
Hi ladies,

Im 32 and was sterilised 4 years ago in Spain I dont know the method they used, I really regret it now as me and my partner want a baby of our own. He has also had a vasectomy 4 years ago Sad Iv seen some really good reversal docs for him and he has a really good success rate but I just feel like its impossible for me Sad. I want a reversal done but dont want open surgery as iv had 3 c sections in the past and will probably need another one should I ever get pregnat again.

Just wondered if any of you ladies have had any advice or same situation?
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Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:07 am 
Post subject:
To be honest Cazza as you've both been sterilised I'd probably go for IVF over reversals, the reversals for both would probably come to 8,000 or more and both can scar over and with men they can also have anti sperm anti bodies.
If you were sterilised during a c section then they often take a bigger piece of the tube out and tend not to use clips (which is the easiest method to reverse) but tend to either cut and tie or cut and cauterise, that is the method I had done in Germany, which is more destructive, only one of my tubes could be repaired as the other was too damaged.
I was the same as you after 3 sections I couldn't face open surgery and I had my op keyhole, there are some good surgeons out there who do keyhole but some of the best success rates on here seem to be from open surgery.
There's a Mr Pickles who's around the midlands somewhere I think who seems to have really good success rates,I think he only does open though, but it's not as big an op as a c section and the recovery is quicker, a few ladies on here have gotten pregnant after reversals with him.
For Vasectomy I've heard the name Duncan Smith (I think ) a few times .
IVF with Sperm aspiration or surgical sperm retrieval might be a good option for you though, especially if you only want one more child together, It could well be quicker to get started and as you're quite young you could get enough embryo's from one attempt to have frozen transfers if it doesn't work first time. Or even maybe your partner could get his reversed and then go for IVF either with or without ICSI where they just inject a single sperm into each egg to fertilise it which is a simple and cheaper form rather than you both trying the reversals.
Before you decide I'd get your records and see if it says the method used though as I was initially told cut and tied and my tubes were cauterised which I only found out after I'd booked the op, with hindsight IVF might have been a better option for me considering the damage done, but it's always best to have all the information upfront before making a decision, I'd also get some routine hormone tests done just to make sure you are still ovulating normally, your GP can do these for you, any questions at all pop into the getting pregnant after reversal section, there's normally someone about in there, Good Luck xx
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