2 yr old won't eat

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Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:05 pm 
Post subject: 2 yr old won't eat
Hi, looking for any advice about how to get my 2yr old to eat. It's all a big struggle, he'll generally eat some cereal in the morning and I can get him to eat fruit ok, but that's generally it. He won't eat lunches or dinners and is now pretty constipated. I usually end up giving him an ice-cream in the evening out of desperation as I need him to eat before he goes to bed. It's been like this for a few weeks now. Before that he was doing well, at least nothing as bad as this. Have offered him soups, breads, chips, beans, pasta, cheese.... And lots more. He seems happy and fairly healthy, thankfully, apart froma cough. Any advice?

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Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:43 pm 
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Only thing that ever worked for me was refusing to give anything extra apart from the meals offered.
I think maybe if he now knows that by not eating during the day he gets the ice cream which he may see as a treat then it could encourage him to continue.
If he knows he won't get that he might try other things, and maybe only offer the fruit after he's at least tried some of his meal, getting him to help with food choices and making meals in any small way he can might spark his interest in trying things as well.

I know mine tried things at nursery when they did 'cooking' there that they probably would have refused at home.
Sometimes the more of a big deal you make of it the worse they are as well, so maybe get him to sit at the table with you, offer him what you're having and explain if he doesn't eat some of it then he doesn't get anything else, but apart from that don't make any fuss, ignore it if he doesn't eat and praise him loads if he does try some.
If he has to sit there anyway while you eat he might pick at something at least Question
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Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:49 pm 
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Jolly my 2 year old boy is pretty much the same so I completely understand your stress and frustration. Remember he won't starve. It's been going on longer for me since he had the vomiting bug which lasted a week before last Christmas. He has since then had another sickness bug which threw him off track again. One thing I will say is sometimes coughs can cause eating problems as there airways are not fully developed. My son has an inhaler and his appetite when his chest is bad is rubbish.

I went back to basics with my son for a while and let him share my dinner off my plate and that worked. I then started to give him his own plate again. That worked but he has regressed recently so I now offer him his dinner if he doesn't eat it he gets a piece of fruit and then nothing till the next meal. Funnily enough he will try new foods off my plate but not on his own. My son won't eat veg, barely eats meat but will eat fruit! It's hard work isn't it? I spoke to my HV at the 2 year check and she said they usually grow out of it as long as you continue to offer what you want them to eat and not what you think they wil just eat. I think sometimes they try it on because he has not refused anything my mum has cooked the odd time he has eaten there!! Also check his throat make sure it's not sore just a quick thought.

From what I can gather a lot of toddlers go through this phase!
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