DS suddenly bed wetting

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Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:19 am 
Post subject: DS suddenly bed wetting
Hi. DS is 3 and half, he has been out of nappies since April and out of night time nappies since about 4-5 months now.
Everything went really well. No problems wetting the bed at all.
His routine is last drink at 5pm with dinner, pee and bed at 19:30. We used to wake him at 21:00 to pee.
Then he peed once or twice in the bed last month, so we changed the wake up time to 22:00. Went okay, but since last week he has wet the bed 4 times out of 6 nights. Wed, Fri, Sun & Mon.
Friday night when I was cleaning him up he said to me, bed wet, I sleep Mommy bed. So I thought oh... maybe its just a scheme to get into my bed. So Sunday night I made sure I had clean linens etc ready and popped him back into his own bed. No problem whatsoever.
But then last night again he peed in the bed! Why oh why oh why? Is it just a phase? He is not sick (not that I can tell), life is as per normal (his Aunt did visit for 10 days from South Africa, but can't imagine that effected him negatively).
Any ideas please? I don't get cross or anything and don't mind getting up, but just would like to know why and that its going to stop!
Thanks Smile

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Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:06 pm 
Post subject:

I don't really have any advice except my experience/thoughts with my son (who is now 4 and a half). He to was 3 when we potty trained him and he was pretty much dry during the day straight away. I left it 5 months until tackling the night time and so it has been pretty much a year now since he has been dry at night.

Our son went through the odd times where out of the blue he'd have 2 or 3 accidents in a week and then back to dry at night for weeks and weeks on end.

I just want to say, your son is doing really well and still is quite young, so try not to worry about this too much (frustrating when you'll doing loads of washing). I have a friend and her daughter is still having frequent accidents during the day (she is 4 and a half) and she hasn't even begun to think about going dry at night time. My sister's son wasn't dry at night until he was about 7. So all kids are different.

So no real advice as to what you could do differently (I think not putting him in your bed while changing the sheets is the right thing, just in case, like you said, it's a ploy).

Is he going to the toilet more during the day? If so, grasping at straws here, urine infection???

If all okay healthwise, then just be patient, like I said, he's doing really well for his age.

All the best.

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