2yr old wont sleep on her own

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Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:36 pm 
Post subject: 2yr old wont sleep on her own
my 2 year old daughter wont sleep on her own yes it my fault because she been in our bed until we moved into our new house, i have put her cot into my son room and going to try her but she will not fall asleep with out me any advice and she know when i move she wakes up demanding booby

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Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:51 am 
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My daughter is already 5 but still she wakes up almost every night for so many purposes: either she is thirsty, or she had a bad dream, or she wants to pi. I'm so tired if that. My only desire is to sleep all night long, no getting ups every 5 minutes.
So I understand you very much, dear. I think the only thing we can do is just wait for them to grow up. Confused
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